Johnson eLearning

Johnson eLearning was simply created to meet industry demand. While there are numerous all size fits all on-line training websites, Johnson eLearning created as the first and only platform to use decades of industry experience to dive deep into the art of screw thread inspection. We leverage 50 decades of thread gaging experiences from direct relationships with OEM, Suppliers, Manufactures, Distributors, End Users and Gage manufacturers in the product screw thread inspection global marketplace. This industry best learned knowledge is expertly compiled in one place and offered to you for the enhanced understanding of product screw thread inspection.

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Continuous Education

This platform is specifically designed to provide continuous education for employees in the art and science of screw thread inspection. In today’s environment everybody maintains a strong commitment to a quality product. A large factor in the equation of a quality product is an educated workforce. While some assume inspection of a thread is simple, proper understanding of the acceptability requirements, proper gage setup, and proper gage technique are vital to assure your internal and external customer a quality threaded product. This website is an easy to use, simple, and cost effective method to keep employees educated in the art of screw thread inspection.

Certified Classes related to product
screw thread dimensional inspection.

Initial classes cover External and Internal thread inspection of UN and M
threads to ASME B1 System 21 and System 22. Also offered are classes
designed to meet AS8879 External and Internal thread dimensional
inspection requirements for UNJ and MJ Threads to Category 1
(previously referred to as Other Thread) Additional classes will be offered
based on the Screw Thread Standards and customer input.

Gage Systems for Acceptability

Thread assemblies are designed to meet specific engineering
requirements. Each industry and even a specific company may be
governed by its own screw thread dimensional acceptability
specification that outlines a level of acceptability. Many industry or
company specifications (for Unified and/or Metric Threads) use or are
very similar to the ASME B1 defined levels of acceptability: System 21,
System 22. This section contains videos on system 21 and system 22
inspection systems.

Gage Element Wear

Thread gages and thread gaging elements are produced, calibrated,
and certified from the specifications and dimensions outlined in the
ASME B1 documents. In this section, careful consideration is given to
gage element wear. GO Functional Tri-Rolls (Multi), Pitch Diameter
Tri-Rolls (Single), Functional Segments, and Pitch Diameter Segments
all will wear from the original geometry. The information in this section
will provide the knowledge to properly understand gage element wear
and provide you information in the decision to have the gage elements
examined and calibrated.

Setting, Operating and Maintenance Instructions

Companies invest significant money in gage assets that are designed
to assist in the production of a quality product. Proper gage technique is
essential for confidence of inspection results. Shared responsibilities,
multi-tasking, and new job assignments all demand instant learning and
fast recall. This section will illustrate the proper Setting, Operating and
Maintenance for several Johnson Gage Frame Models. If your Frame is
not listed please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Johnson Gage for

Technical Topics

There are so many great topics to cover. We start with some
fundamentals and will continue to add topics. Hopefully this information
will clarify, clear up or confirm your understanding. . If your topic is not
listed please don’t hesitate to email us a note from the contact page or
reach out directly to Johnson Gage for assistance.

or contact Johnson Gage to learn more.